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Copy Kate’s Dress Styles For Casual Dresses Looks For Less

Hi Ladies

As much as we love to see the Duchess wearing those  wonderful lady like dresses, we as Kate fans also enjoy seeing her wearing some casual clothes. What I really like about Kate is that she is very comfortable with the clothes that she wears, whether it is dressy to dress down she always have that simple yet chic look.  Also she mixes expensive items with inexpensive items as well , which I really like because we can relate to her as well.  If you want to get Kate’s casual look you do not need to have a big budget. Ladies all you have to do is find something that is “Kate inspired”  and I wanted to share some example of where you can find some Kate inspired items for less.

     George - Women's Sleeveless Zipper Back Chiffon Dress Liz Claiborne Ruched Waist Print Dress  Connected® Print Starburst Dress - Petite  even though this one is sleeve less and is a different color you can still see how the designs on the two dress are very close you can get this dress ( the first one)  at Walmart that right ladies I said it…. Walmart for only $19.88 and the brand name is George. The second dress is really cute , very lady like, and  very Kate  and the colors on this dress is some what very close to the dress Kate is wearing, so as the design.   you can get this dress  at JCPennys for $35.00 Brand Liz Claiborne.  The last one is really nice if you are into black and white which is two colors that Kate have worn very well, and this dress is from JCPennys for $35.00 as well from Brand Connected.

    Womens Cinched Waist Dress Merona® Womens Pleated Front Dress - Assorted Colors Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Knit Dress - Assorted Colors  Kate looks very natural  with this sleeve less dress if you look really close to the picture you will see she is wearing with a thin belt, and you can do the same with these dresses. The first dress you can get at Walmart for only $15.00 you can get it on a nice tan color, red, grey, blue, and black. you can copy Kate’s look in this picture by adding a thin black belt.  the second dress you can get at Target  and it comes with its own belt,this is a really cute dress  , it comes in purple, gray, and blue and it is $29.99 the Brand Merona.  The last dress is a little different  with a lace detail on top ,but it is still inspired by Kate’s look, and it comes with a belt you can find this dress at Target for $.24.99 the Brand Mossimo

   Mossimo® Womens Woven V-Neck Dress  Black         Slimpact - Womens Shaping Slimming  Jersey V-Neck Dress   Jones Wear® MJ Wrap Dress  You can copy this cute black dress Kate is wearing with this really nice black dress from Target , you can add the brown bag and cute low heels like Kate to get this look. This black dress from Target is only $32.99 the Brand Mossimo.  The second  black dress is from Walmart and you can also Copy Kate’s black dress look with this cute dress as well. This dress from Walmart is only $19.88 the Brand Slimpact. The last black dress is from JCPennys and it is only $27.00 the Brand Jones Wear.

    Seed - Women's Cotton Tie Front DressMossimo® Womens Draped Criss Cross Front Dress - Assorted Colors

Merona® Womens Plus-Size Scoop-Neck Flutter Sleeve Dress - Assorted Colors   This hot pink dress Kate is wearing is very classy, you can copy this look with a jersey dress and a black blazer. The first dress in purple is very cute and it comes in different colors to light blue, purple, lime green, even in  coral color that Kate is famous for wearing for in her Skinny jeans. This dress is from Walmart and you can get this dress for $15.00 that is right ladies the Brand Seed. The second dress is a little bit different from the first purple dress, but this one is close in color to the dress Kate is wearing. This cute dress can also be paired with a black jacket like Kate, and it is from Target  starting at $20.00-$24.99 the Brand Mossimo. The last dress is also from Target and this dress is also a very close color to the dress Kate is wearing and this dress is $22.99 the Brand Merona

So ladies here are a few examples and Kate  inspired looks you can get from these cute casual dresses. These dress can be paired with some cute shoes, and a cute handbag. So you can dress like the Duchess for less and look nice. let me know what you think?

God bless


(C) from Josephine

Copy One of Kate’s Look From The Canada Tour For Less

Hello Ladies ,

We all really like seeing the Duchess wearing Casual looks , Kate really knows how to put her outfits together so they can look trendy and classy, whether she is really dressy or casual she always look her best. I really like this look because of the way she paired the blazer with the skinny jeans, I think she really dressed up the skinny jeans well with her ruffled shirt, and navy blazer.  Here is the look that she wore when she was in her Canada tour with Prince William.

And here is an example of how you can copy this look for less…most of these items are an inspiration to this look and you can copy this look by getting these items  that are budget friendly.

Mossimo® Womens Skinny Premium Denim Jean - Assorted Washes    Worthington® Womens Pick-Stitch Blazer  Worthington® Two Button Jacket     MNG by Mango® Ruffle Top   St. John's Bay® Camp Shirt, Pintuck           White              Worthington® Emma Wedge Pumps    you can copy the skinny jeans Kate is wearing with these super cute jeans. They are   great for copying this look.  You can find these  jeans at Target   for  $ 24.99-$27.99,  the Brand Mossimo , and they come in the dark denim color just like  Kate is wearing as well. The Second pictures is a blazer from JCPennys and as you can see the blue from this jacket is more of a royal blue , but as we all know this is a color Kate is very famous for wearing. You can get this Blazer for $40.00 the Brand Worthington .  The other blazer is also from JCPennys and it is black another color Kate wear well. Again even though this Blazer is not Navy you can still get this look by using this blazer with a cute ruffled white , or ivory shirt and a pair jeans like Kate, this Blazer is $35.00 and the Brand Worthington.  With this cute blouse( Third Picture) you can complete this look! it have the ruffle details like Kate’s and it is only $35.00 from JCPenny and the Brand MNG.  The other shirt is also from JCPennys and it is $16.00 the Brand St.John Bay  . The Last white shirt is from Land’s end and it is 3/4 sleeve white shirt with ruffled detail from $19.00-$34.99.    To complete this look add these  cute shoes  that are a close copy to Kate’s and that are inspired from the shoes  Kate is wearing . They  are from JCPennys and they are called Emma and they are $35.00 the Brand Worthington….

As you can see you can copy the Duchess look for less, and this look is very classy, elegant, and this look to go with any body type as well. So dress up like the Duchess for less and I hope you enjoy this blog…

God Bless


(C) from Josephine

How to Copy Kate’s Wrap Dresses For Less

Hi Ladies,

Well Spring is coming and it is a good time to start shopping! If you are a fan of Kate’s wrap around dresses then Spring and Summer are a good time to get them. What I like about these dress is you can still look chic, classy and in style without being to dressy. You can dress up any of these dress by simply putting on a dress jacket.

So here are some examples of how you can get Kate’s wrap dresses for less…

    Jones Wear®  Polka-Dot Belted Shirt Dress

Here is a cute wrap dress from JCPenny the only thing different about this dress is the color, but still you can dress like Kate with this dress …This dress only cost $60.00 The Brand’s name is Everyday.

  Robbie Bee® Chiffon Shirt Dress

Here is a Robbie Bee Chiffon Shirt Dress from JCPenny and this dress only cost $35.00

  American Living Cap-Sleeve Side-Ruffle Dress American Living Mock-Wrap Blue Dress w/Side Ruffle

It might be a different color, and not all sleeves but you can  still make it work . As you can see the same ruffles as her cream color dress and the navy dress do  look like something  Kate would wear  This dress is American living from JCPenny $60.00 ( middele)  and the one next to it is the same brand but it is $30.00( Right) you can only get the dress in color blue which is a color Kate wear often.

MNG by Mango® Ruched Dress with Belt and this dress is so Kate right . I really like the color in this one…can you see Kate wearing this color?

This dress is  only $45.00 at JCPenny and the brand name for this dress is MNG.

 Elementz Dress, Three Quarter Sleeve B-Slim A-Line

And this dress even though it is a different color it still like something that Kate would wear…you can find this dress at Macy’s only $49.99 the brand of this dress is Elementz

So Ladies you can  dress  like The Duchess by these dresses , for less and look very elegant, classy and very Kate!

Let me know Ladies what you think

God Bless


This blog is (C) by Josephine.

What Did Kate Wear to the Olympic Park Visit….

This is going to be a short blog…as we all know Kate made a surprise visit to London’s  Olympic Park, and of course she looked so fashionable during her visit. I really like this look she pulled off, and what I really like about Kate she is not afraid to put on bold colors…who would think Navy jacket  and peachy coral colored skinny jeans would go together? but they did, and only Kate can make it work.

Here are some pictures below:

Here is the list of the brands she wore that day

a navy Emilio Pucci blazer navy LK Bennett pumps, coral J Brand 811 Twill jeans Paralympic scarf by Next.

What do you think about Kate’s choices of clothing that day? I think she look very Chic.

God Bless



Updating my blog

Hello Ladies,

I am just posting a new blog up to let you know that I am adding more Categories to my blog. I am adding all the other princesses around the world and talk about their style.  So I am still going to focus on the Duchess of Cambridge style, but at the same time I will be doing other royals styles as well.  Since there are so many blogs on the Duchess I wanted my blog to be a bit different. Although I am a big fan of Kate I wanted to add the other young princesses around the word as well.

Here are a list of the young princess that we will be following fashion trends

Princess Charlene

Princess Mary

Princess Keisha

Princess Madeleine

Princess Ameerah

and of Course

Pippa Middelton

So I hope you ladies enjoy what is to come in my blog…let me know what you think?

God Bless


Kate Middleton’s Style: How To Copy It? here are some tips

When you are the Duchess of Cambridge then what problem can you possibly have with your style. There will be numerous designers to set the royal fashion rules right. But when it comes to Kate Middleton’s style statement, it is hard to find this true. She is as simple as a princess can be. Regal and yet just the girl who stays next door. Her wardrobe may be worth millions but Kate Middleton’s clothes are not too difficult to supplement with more affordable versions.
Replacing her premiere brands with your budget ones is all you have to do to copy Kate Middleton’s style. Here are a few fashion tips that women can take from the newest Princess Of the English dynasty.
Style: Tips To Copy
1. Slim Fits: The first thing that you will notice about Kate Middleton’s dresses is that they are all slim fits or body hugging clothes. This would be considered inappropriate for a royal fashion statement a couple of decades back. But how can you resist it when the princess has such a breathtakingly slim figure. She can be your style buddy only if you have a body like that!
2. The Pinched Waist Dresses: If you have a keen eye for clothes then you must have noticed that most of the Duchess’s dresses are pinched at the waist. Of course you would want to show off a waist like that. But she does it even better in solid and plain coloured silks. Her famous purple ‘vixen’ dress is just astonishing.
3. The Slightly Royal Something: No matter how much she comes out looking like a commoner, she is a princess at the end of the day. There is always that ‘little something’ about her clothes that spell out royal fashion with a clear but subtle stance. The heirloom brooch she wears on many occasions is just an example.
4. Trenches: Looks like buttoned up trenches are a favourite with the Duchess. When you can have everything that money can buy then why not buy these beauties in swede or velvet. She looked ravishing in one of her more sombre trench coats when the royal couple was visiting North Ireland.
5. ‘Un’ English Colours: Blood red, sparkling purple and electric blue are not exactly English or even European colours. Where we are used to seeing blacks, whites and mauves, we see a blast of colours in Kate Middleton’s style statement. So has the Princess broken with tradition to be more tropical in her choice of colours?
6. Funny Hats That Don’t Look Funny: Ornate hats are not in fashion but when Kate Middleton comes up with one that has feathers and birds on it, it looks stunning. She has penchant for carrying off funny hats fashionably. Do not try this alone at home. Please make sure you are up for it.
Women can use this fashion tips to copy Kate Middleton’s style in their own way.
I hope you enoy these tips on how to dress like the Duchess
God Bless

Some Kate Inspired Dress Look…

Hey Ladies,

I was surfing though the net to find some Kate inspired looks. Now these looks are not what the Duchess have worn, but they are inspired by her sense of style. If you look closely she really like simple, well made clothes with a touch of elegance. If you are looking for some dresses  that are Kate inspired here are some examples that you will find. Again Kate have not worn these dress , they are some examples and inspiration of some of the styles she have worn. Some more tips below the pictures for shopping Kate’s style.

Alice + Olivia dress

Another Dress from Alice+Olivia

Dress From Express

Jill Sander Dress

Moshino Dress

So ladies here are some examples of Kate inspired dress! As you can see these dress kind of have Kate’s style.

Here are some shopping tips when copying the Duchess look’s

  1. When shopping for a dress ask yourself this question would Kate wear this?
  2. Try to look for dress with a classy and elegant style, that are not too short but just above the knee or longer.
  3. when copying Kate’s looks the key word is classic style.
  4. Remember that Kate like’s simple well made clothes that fit her well know what type of dresses that can work for your body
  5. Have fun while shopping and remember even though your on a budget you can dress like The Duchess of Cambridge..

Let me know what you think about this blog?

God Bless


Copy Kate’s Style for less alert !

Hi Ladies,

I know most of us ladies that admire the Duchess wardrobe could wish we could afford all of her clothes, but even though we can not afford them we can get her look for less…

Kate’s nude pumps are very popular that they have become a fashion trend. Even members of the Royal Family copies her Nude pumps from the british brand L.K. Bennett.

Here are some examples of her wearing them:

Kate’s Nude Pumps L.K. Bennett

Wearing her Nude pumps at Prince William’s cousin wedding Zara 

Kate’s Nude Pumps again paired with a beautiful yellow dress

Kate paired her nude shoes paired with a pretty lace navy dress 

As you can see Kate have worn these shoes many times and what I really like about these shoe … they can go with anything, any color, and any style of dress. They look classy , sophisticated , and elegant. now I had to do some research for you Kate’s fans out there on where you can get her nude pumps for less…

a pair of Jessica Simpson shoes for $79.00 at 

A pair of Guess Shoes for $99.00 at

Here is another shoe from the brand Guess these I think Kate would wear herself.

Guess Shoes 2 $89.00 at

From the brand Brash $34.99 from Payless

so Kate fans as you can see you can copy Kate’s nude heels ,for every budget. I think every woman should have a pair of these shoes…

Tell me what you think? Do you like Kate’s nude shoe trend?

Welcome to my new blog!!!!!!

Hi Everyone ,

Welcome to my new blog ! I am really happy to start this blog and it is of course about  the fashion styles of Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge. In this blog I will be sharing some tips and tricks on how you can get are looks for less, and also we will look at how you can get looks that are inspired from her style. I will be having a youtube channel as well as a facebook page. Look forward on sharing some wonderful tips…

God Bless