Some Kate Inspired Dress Look…

Hey Ladies,

I was surfing though the net to find some Kate inspired looks. Now these looks are not what the Duchess have worn, but they are inspired by her sense of style. If you look closely she really like simple, well made clothes with a touch of elegance. If you are looking for some dresses  that are Kate inspired here are some examples that you will find. Again Kate have not worn these dress , they are some examples and inspiration of some of the styles she have worn. Some more tips below the pictures for shopping Kate’s style.

Alice + Olivia dress

Another Dress from Alice+Olivia

Dress From Express

Jill Sander Dress

Moshino Dress

So ladies here are some examples of Kate inspired dress! As you can see these dress kind of have Kate’s style.

Here are some shopping tips when copying the Duchess look’s

  1. When shopping for a dress ask yourself this question would Kate wear this?
  2. Try to look for dress with a classy and elegant style, that are not too short but just above the knee or longer.
  3. when copying Kate’s looks the key word is classic style.
  4. Remember that Kate like’s simple well made clothes that fit her well know what type of dresses that can work for your body
  5. Have fun while shopping and remember even though your on a budget you can dress like The Duchess of Cambridge..

Let me know what you think about this blog?

God Bless



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