Kate Middleton’s Style: How To Copy It? here are some tips

When you are the Duchess of Cambridge then what problem can you possibly have with your style. There will be numerous designers to set the royal fashion rules right. But when it comes to Kate Middleton’s style statement, it is hard to find this true. She is as simple as a princess can be. Regal and yet just the girl who stays next door. Her wardrobe may be worth millions but Kate Middleton’s clothes are not too difficult to supplement with more affordable versions.
Replacing her premiere brands with your budget ones is all you have to do to copy Kate Middleton’s style. Here are a few fashion tips that women can take from the newest Princess Of the English dynasty.
Style: Tips To Copy
1. Slim Fits: The first thing that you will notice about Kate Middleton’s dresses is that they are all slim fits or body hugging clothes. This would be considered inappropriate for a royal fashion statement a couple of decades back. But how can you resist it when the princess has such a breathtakingly slim figure. She can be your style buddy only if you have a body like that!
2. The Pinched Waist Dresses: If you have a keen eye for clothes then you must have noticed that most of the Duchess’s dresses are pinched at the waist. Of course you would want to show off a waist like that. But she does it even better in solid and plain coloured silks. Her famous purple ‘vixen’ dress is just astonishing.
3. The Slightly Royal Something: No matter how much she comes out looking like a commoner, she is a princess at the end of the day. There is always that ‘little something’ about her clothes that spell out royal fashion with a clear but subtle stance. The heirloom brooch she wears on many occasions is just an example.
4. Trenches: Looks like buttoned up trenches are a favourite with the Duchess. When you can have everything that money can buy then why not buy these beauties in swede or velvet. She looked ravishing in one of her more sombre trench coats when the royal couple was visiting North Ireland.
5. ‘Un’ English Colours: Blood red, sparkling purple and electric blue are not exactly English or even European colours. Where we are used to seeing blacks, whites and mauves, we see a blast of colours in Kate Middleton’s style statement. So has the Princess broken with tradition to be more tropical in her choice of colours?
6. Funny Hats That Don’t Look Funny: Ornate hats are not in fashion but when Kate Middleton comes up with one that has feathers and birds on it, it looks stunning. She has penchant for carrying off funny hats fashionably. Do not try this alone at home. Please make sure you are up for it.
Women can use this fashion tips to copy Kate Middleton’s style in their own way.
I hope you enoy these tips on how to dress like the Duchess
God Bless

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