How to Copy Kate’s Wrap Dresses For Less

Hi Ladies,

Well Spring is coming and it is a good time to start shopping! If you are a fan of Kate’s wrap around dresses then Spring and Summer are a good time to get them. What I like about these dress is you can still look chic, classy and in style without being to dressy. You can dress up any of these dress by simply putting on a dress jacket.

So here are some examples of how you can get Kate’s wrap dresses for less…

    Jones Wear®  Polka-Dot Belted Shirt Dress

Here is a cute wrap dress from JCPenny the only thing different about this dress is the color, but still you can dress like Kate with this dress …This dress only cost $60.00 The Brand’s name is Everyday.

  Robbie Bee® Chiffon Shirt Dress

Here is a Robbie Bee Chiffon Shirt Dress from JCPenny and this dress only cost $35.00

  American Living Cap-Sleeve Side-Ruffle Dress American Living Mock-Wrap Blue Dress w/Side Ruffle

It might be a different color, and not all sleeves but you can  still make it work . As you can see the same ruffles as her cream color dress and the navy dress do  look like something  Kate would wear  This dress is American living from JCPenny $60.00 ( middele)  and the one next to it is the same brand but it is $30.00( Right) you can only get the dress in color blue which is a color Kate wear often.

MNG by Mango® Ruched Dress with Belt and this dress is so Kate right . I really like the color in this one…can you see Kate wearing this color?

This dress is  only $45.00 at JCPenny and the brand name for this dress is MNG.

 Elementz Dress, Three Quarter Sleeve B-Slim A-Line

And this dress even though it is a different color it still like something that Kate would wear…you can find this dress at Macy’s only $49.99 the brand of this dress is Elementz

So Ladies you can  dress  like The Duchess by these dresses , for less and look very elegant, classy and very Kate!

Let me know Ladies what you think

God Bless


This blog is (C) by Josephine.


4 thoughts on “How to Copy Kate’s Wrap Dresses For Less

  1. Great post. I’ve already ordered some of the dresses from Penney’s. I especially love that $30 price tag! Great work, looking forward to more. So many others post cheaper alternatives but often they ate still not in my price range-this is fantastic!

  2. I am going to do a blog for those that know how to sew on how they can copy Kate’s looks, but if someone does not know how to sew this blog will help them get Kate’s looks for less.
    God Bless

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