Copy Kate’s Dress Styles For Casual Dresses Looks For Less

Hi Ladies

As much as we love to see the Duchess wearing those  wonderful lady like dresses, we as Kate fans also enjoy seeing her wearing some casual clothes. What I really like about Kate is that she is very comfortable with the clothes that she wears, whether it is dressy to dress down she always have that simple yet chic look.  Also she mixes expensive items with inexpensive items as well , which I really like because we can relate to her as well.  If you want to get Kate’s casual look you do not need to have a big budget. Ladies all you have to do is find something that is “Kate inspired”  and I wanted to share some example of where you can find some Kate inspired items for less.

     George - Women's Sleeveless Zipper Back Chiffon Dress Liz Claiborne Ruched Waist Print Dress  Connected® Print Starburst Dress - Petite  even though this one is sleeve less and is a different color you can still see how the designs on the two dress are very close you can get this dress ( the first one)  at Walmart that right ladies I said it…. Walmart for only $19.88 and the brand name is George. The second dress is really cute , very lady like, and  very Kate  and the colors on this dress is some what very close to the dress Kate is wearing, so as the design.   you can get this dress  at JCPennys for $35.00 Brand Liz Claiborne.  The last one is really nice if you are into black and white which is two colors that Kate have worn very well, and this dress is from JCPennys for $35.00 as well from Brand Connected.

    Womens Cinched Waist Dress Merona® Womens Pleated Front Dress - Assorted Colors Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Knit Dress - Assorted Colors  Kate looks very natural  with this sleeve less dress if you look really close to the picture you will see she is wearing with a thin belt, and you can do the same with these dresses. The first dress you can get at Walmart for only $15.00 you can get it on a nice tan color, red, grey, blue, and black. you can copy Kate’s look in this picture by adding a thin black belt.  the second dress you can get at Target  and it comes with its own belt,this is a really cute dress  , it comes in purple, gray, and blue and it is $29.99 the Brand Merona.  The last dress is a little different  with a lace detail on top ,but it is still inspired by Kate’s look, and it comes with a belt you can find this dress at Target for $.24.99 the Brand Mossimo

   Mossimo® Womens Woven V-Neck Dress  Black         Slimpact - Womens Shaping Slimming  Jersey V-Neck Dress   Jones Wear® MJ Wrap Dress  You can copy this cute black dress Kate is wearing with this really nice black dress from Target , you can add the brown bag and cute low heels like Kate to get this look. This black dress from Target is only $32.99 the Brand Mossimo.  The second  black dress is from Walmart and you can also Copy Kate’s black dress look with this cute dress as well. This dress from Walmart is only $19.88 the Brand Slimpact. The last black dress is from JCPennys and it is only $27.00 the Brand Jones Wear.

    Seed - Women's Cotton Tie Front DressMossimo® Womens Draped Criss Cross Front Dress - Assorted Colors

Merona® Womens Plus-Size Scoop-Neck Flutter Sleeve Dress - Assorted Colors   This hot pink dress Kate is wearing is very classy, you can copy this look with a jersey dress and a black blazer. The first dress in purple is very cute and it comes in different colors to light blue, purple, lime green, even in  coral color that Kate is famous for wearing for in her Skinny jeans. This dress is from Walmart and you can get this dress for $15.00 that is right ladies the Brand Seed. The second dress is a little bit different from the first purple dress, but this one is close in color to the dress Kate is wearing. This cute dress can also be paired with a black jacket like Kate, and it is from Target  starting at $20.00-$24.99 the Brand Mossimo. The last dress is also from Target and this dress is also a very close color to the dress Kate is wearing and this dress is $22.99 the Brand Merona

So ladies here are a few examples and Kate  inspired looks you can get from these cute casual dresses. These dress can be paired with some cute shoes, and a cute handbag. So you can dress like the Duchess for less and look nice. let me know what you think?

God bless


(C) from Josephine


4 thoughts on “Copy Kate’s Dress Styles For Casual Dresses Looks For Less

  1. I am thrilled to have stumbled upon your blog! You have quite a knack for finding absolute perfect Kate style matches for an everyday budget. Personally I cannot wait until payday to get to JC Penney’s to browse through all the dresses you pointed out and especially the black patent leather wedge shoes. Lovely blog, and I can’t wait to see what other bargains you uncover!

  2. I will make sure to find you on facebook! One more thing I forgot to mention in my earlier comment…in addition to the fabulous bargains you have found I am very excited to see posts in the other categories like etiquette and ladylike tips. Love how Kate is uniting women that want to look, dress, and behave like truly elegant ladies! Can’t wait for the next post, I’m ready to go shopping! 🙂

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