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Remember This a Year Ago

I just wanted to post this it have been one year since they have been married Happy Anniversary  God BlessJosephine:)

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Duchess of Cambridge Arrives for a Reception at the Imperial War Museum with Grey Dress

Hi Ladies,

I just wanted to add some other pictures of the Duchess and I must say that this grey dress is very chic. What I like about this grey dress is that it is lady like and you can wear it with a belt like Kate did, or not. It is very versatile and it seems very easy to wear. I also like te way the Duchess have her hair as well. The earring is a perfect match with the belt, which also have some gold accents just like the earring she is wearing.  and if you look really close the earrings also match the design of the belt as well very chic I must say…


So as you can see this look is very elegant, and Kate have really made grey a very stylish color. let me know what you think?

God Bless


(c) from Josephine:)

Kate’s Dark Blue Suit Worn to South Pole Reception

Hi Ladies,

The Duchess of Cambridge look very chic this her dark blue suit , and I must say it look very classy. The suit is by  designer  let us take a look Rebecca Taylor and it is very elegant. Kate paired the suit with some dark blue shoes and her hair and make up was done very nice. As elegant as ever, Kate was back in her favourite royal hue, and even matched that Anya Hindmarch Marano clutch we’ve seen her wear before, with suede Episode pumps for an all-blue ensemble. I really like details on this suit it looks very  chic. let us take a look

Kate Middleton in Rebecca Taylor at South Pole reception

Kate Middleton in Rebecca Taylor at South Pole reception


      Well, what do you think of Kate’s look? I think she really picked a nice color and a nice suit for this event . let me know what you ladies think?

Copy Kate’s African Cats Premiere Grey Dress for Less

Hi ladies,

The dress that The Duchess worn to the African Cats Premiere was just chic. I really like the light grey of te dress and turquoise details on the neckline and sleeves. The dress look timeless and elegant. she paired the dress with a some dark grey shoes and a dark grey purse and also some very chic earrings.  What is nice about this style is that it is very classy, and you can copy this style. So, do you want to copy this chic look? Then keep on reading

                   Melange Sheath Dress          Treska Turquoise Stone Hoop Earrings

Mixit® Aqua-Colored Bangle

Jacqueline Ferrar® Lara Glitter Pumpshere is a “Kate” inspired dress from forever21. This dress is different from the style of the dress then The Duchcess is wearing , but you can copy Kate’s look with this dress. The Dress is sleeve less but yet chic.  You can pair this cute dress up this some dark grey shoes like Kate did or even this black shoes.  This dress is from Forever21 and the name is Chambray Sheath Dress and it is $22.80. The second dress  is also a different color and style from Kate’s dress and this dress is sleeveless but you can copy Kate’s look.  This dress from Ann Taylor is very chic and it is a darker grey colored dress but you can still copy the look with this chic dress , and  the name os this dress is Melange Sheath Dress     and it is $24.99. You can complete the look with chic necklace from Forever 21 and the name is Vibrant Bead Necklace and it is only $7.80. You can also copy Kate’s look with this cute necklace from Forever21 and the name is Paint Splattered Collar Necklaceand it is only $5.80. These chic earring are from JCPennys and brand is Treska Turquoise Stone Hoop Earrings and it only cost $15.00.  This elegant bracelet from JCPennys can really add a touch of class to the look the brand is Mixit Aqua-Colored Bangle and it is only $10.00. These dark grey shoes from JCPennys are very elegant and you can copy Kate’s look with these shoes and the brand is Jacqueline Ferra Lara Glitter Pumps and they are only $40.00

so ladies as you can see you can copy  this look of The Duchess of Cambridge for less. let me know what you think?

God Bless


(c) from Josephine

Kate’s Light Grey Dress from Matthew Williamson

Hi Ladies,

Well The Duchess of Cambridge have shown her elegant styles again with this very elegant and chic dress from designer  Matthew Williamson . This elegant dress have a light color grey with some nice details on the neckline, and on the sleeves. The Duchess had to wear a custom-made dress from the designer which I really like. This dress is like the styles Kate have worn before, and it even have a peplum detail at the waist as well making the dress very modern and trendy and very Kate. The British designer added the deep turquoise and gold beaded detail around the neckline to match the cuffs The  shoes a her purse are like a very dark grey  Emmy bespoke heels and a matching dark grey clutch. I will have a blog soon on how you can copy this look, but for now let us take a look at this chic dress Kate is wearing.


                                                     As you can see here is the dress , earring, and shoes that The  Duchess was wearing for the “African Cats Premiere” and her makeup and her hair looked chic as well. I also did a video of this look check it out on my youtube channel  “The Secrets of Royal Fashion” and be sure to subscribe to my channel for more videos. My Youtube Channel:   let me know what you think?

God Bless


(C) from Josephine

The Royal Wedding- Copy Kate Middleton Wedding Gown for Less

Hi Ladies,

since William and Kate’s wedding anniversary is coming up in a few days I have decided to do a review on the wedding and also on Kate’s wedding gown. Now if you are a bride and you are a big fan of Kate’s style and Kate’s  wedding gown designed by Sarah Burton, then you should read this blog. The gown is very simple, but modern in style, and it had the classic look, and it echo the style of Grace Kelly’s bridal gown as you can see in these pictures below:

as you can see the designs on both wedding dresses is close in design. Kate’s wedding gown is more modern of course but it is very elegant. The Royal wedding was wonderful and it brought some excitement and also we were all wondering who would design Kate Middleton( now Duchess of Cambridge) wedding gown, then we found out it was Sarah Burton. As soon as Kate started walking down the aisle designers every where started to copy Kate’s wedding gown.  Here are some pictures that were taken during the Royal wedding:


Here are some pictures of some details of the dress

And ladies if you are a bride and you want to copy this look check out this good copy of Kate’s wedding gown from David’s bridal , I am not sure if they will ship out side of the U.S. but I will do the research when I do another blog on Pippa’s dress.  Here is the copy of Kate’s wedding gown

      for more details on how you can get this gown and more details on her earring and everything else  please watch my video( it is a 2 part video)  from youtube and for more style tips about Kate and how you can copy the Duchess of Cambridge Style please subscribe to my youtube channel or you can click follow on my blog’s home page or you can follow me on my facebook page

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let me know what you think?

God Bless


(c)  from Josephine

Copy Kate’s Style With Sewing Patterns….

Hi Ladies,

If you know how to sew, then you are in for a treat, and you will be happy to know that you can copy The duchess of Cambridge style with sewing. So this blog is for those of you who know how to sew, and if you do not know how to sew and you are still interested in learning how to sew, you can check your local fabric store, or craft stores for sewing classes.

So ladies here are some examples

       Ladies , here is a cute copy of this cute and very elegant black dress coat Kate is wearing. If you know how to sew, you can make a copy of this coat, wear a cute little black hat, and some purple shoes like Kate is wearing in this photo. The only difference of this sewing pattern and Kate’s dress coat is that the sewing pattern have a ruffle detail on the back, chic I think is very chic. You can get this sewing pattern from vogue and it is from Pamella Roland Number V1265 from . It only cost $19.20.

                                         you can copy Kate’s pretty grey dress with this cute pattern here from Simplicity. and the pattern also come with different style of dresses, and also jacket pattern. remember that elegant black jacket Kate worn in that picture? You can copy her jacket with this sewing pattern as well. You can get this pattern from and the item number is 1873 and it is only $10.75.

     you can copy Kate’s grey dress with this sewing pattern from Vogue. you can even add some cute gray shoes and a nice clutch purse to go with this look just like Kate. You can find this sewing pattern from   www. . It is from Very Easy Vogue and the item number is V8786 and it is $13.50

      This cute and chic dress that Kate is wearing is very nice and you can copy her look with this sewing pattern from Vogue.  You can complete the look with a chic black jacket and black shoes like Kate. You can find this sewing pattern from   www.   The name of this pattern is Very Easy Vogue Pattern and the item number is V8743 and it is $13.50.

     You can copy Kate’s chic look with this chic sewing pattern from Vogue. If you really want to copy Kate’s look you can add a cute little hat, and some chic shoes to match. You can find this sewing a pattern from www. The item number is V1231 and it is from Bellville Sassoon and it is $18.00

So ladies if you know how to sew these sewing  patterns will have you looking like The Duchess. let me know what you think?

God Bless