Copy The Duchess Peplum Suit Look For Less

Hi Ladies,

The L.K. Bennett dress and jacket that The Duchess wore for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee was just darling.It looked very elegant , classy, and chic. Don’t you just wish you can copy that look for less? Well Kate fans you are in luck. I have found a few suits that are a la Kate, when it comes to copying her style. This look is very classic and vintage. It reminds me of the 1940s when ladies use to dress up for special events. This look can be copied  and you can copy this look for less… Take a look at some  items I have found…

Here are some looks that are close to the one Kate is wearing….

Even though this is a different color, it is about the same style as Kate is wearing.  This is so cute, and very kate as well, you can even add a pill box hat just like Kate to complete the look.  you can get this suit is this color or in a dark grey, you can get the same look for less by  for $59.99

I have seen Kate in red and this looks like something she would wear, plus the style looks very close to Kate’s L.K.Bennett outfit.  This  suit is  from Metro style in red, and you can get this suit in purple also, this suit only cost $44.99-$59.99.

Even though you are into wearing a Peplum Jacket or not, you can copy Kate’s Peplum Jacket style with this cute skirt. You still get the Peplum style , but with in the skirt. I really think that the Duchess would wear this skirt …don’t you? This skirt looks very Kate. It comes in the color Navy which we all know that Kate really like. You can get this skirt from Metro style and it is $39.99
This look is very Kate as well, and I can see Kate wearing this cute outfit, this suit is very close to her outfit ( L.K. Bennett) and I know she would wear this color…The Jacket is from New York & Company and it is only $69.99
So Ladies as you can see …you can copy this look Worn by The Duchess, and you can do it for less…let me know what you think?
God Bless
(C) from Josephine

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