Copy Kate’s Grey Dress For Less

Hi Ladies,

There are many dresses that The Duchess have worn that look very nice, and very elegant . One of those dresses is this cute grey dress by  Catherine Walker name  “Kensington” during her Northern American Tour . This dress look very simple yet very modern. What I really like about this dress is that it looks very lady like, but trendy at the same time. I like that Kate paired the dress with some really nice shoes and a cute cluch. I will show you how you  can get this timeless look for less.

Here are a few examples of this dress for less


This dress is  grey and it is very a la Kate. I do think that this style is very Kate, and I can see her wearing this style of dress…and the cute bow detail is just darling. This dress is by Venus it is called Tie Waist Dress and it is only $32.00 .Wow what a good deal right !

Tweed stripe pattern dress

This dress is very cute and what I really like about this dress is the fact that it have different shades of grey, I really think this dress can be paired with a cute black blazer, with some black heels. This dress is not really the same style of the Catherine Walker dress that Kate is wearing, but it does have the color theme. We all know that we have seen Kate in grey, and this dress is very Kate as well, you can get this dress for only  $39.00 black and silver (BKSL) tweed stripe pattern dress by Venus.

Belted dress, leopard heel

This dress is very Kate ! right ladies! I really like this dress very much, and I really like the details of the sleeves. I can really see Kate wearing this cute, and classy dress, this nice grey dress with a small belt detail is only $49.00 grey (GY) belted shrug sleeve dress  by Venus.


You will be dressing like The Duchess in this cute grey dress. The details on the sleeves is cute, think about pairing this cute dress with some cute grey shoes, and cluch. This dress is only  $29.80.  Gray Mandarin Collar Dress a  very sleek and fashionable dress with cap flutter sleeves and a keyhole neckline. You can get this dress from Forever 21.

Well ladies as you can see you can dress like the Duchess  for less,  let me know what you ladies think?

God Bless


(c) From Josephine


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