Update on New Topic- Things that Ladies Like

Hi Ladies ,

In today’s blog I wanted to focus on somethings that I wanted to share with you all. I wanted to start a new topic on my blog called” Things that Ladies Like ” and I had this idea for a while now in my head, and I thought well why don’t you write about ? So that is what I am doing now . As much as I enjoy finding some copy Kate looks( which I really do enjoy) I also want to share some things that are “Lady Like”. The reason for this is that I think it would be fun, educational, and of course if you are a fan of The Duchess of Cambridge and the other Royals this will add some fun on how you can be a lady. I believe that one does not need to be rich, or have lots of money, or even come from a high society family to be a lady. I really think that this society that we are living in( Especially in today’s world) being a lady, and acting like one  is lost . So I am so happy that The Duchess of Cambridge is setting a trend on not only dressing like a lady, but acting like one as well. So in my updates on”Things that Ladies Like” I will be sharing fashions tips, recipes, and more fun things. I will continue to add more of copy Kate looks, and I will do other updates as well…

So Ladies I hope each of you find this blog to be fun ….let me know what you think?

God Bless



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