My New Channel on Youtube! The Secrets of Royal Fashion….

Hi Ladies,

I am really excited! and you might be asking why? Well…I have a new youtube channel  and I am so happy about it. I will be doing more blogs of course, but I will also be uploading some videos on how you can dress like a Royal for less and more. It is called “The Secrets of Royal Fashion”  I have decided to do this because I felt like it would be fun to do it, and alot of people do not like reading blogs ( know what your thinking, how can that be?) well it is true, and some people are more into visual things then reading things, so that is why I have decided to do a youtube channel .  Plus I will be having some topics that are different on my blog and on my youtube channel , and some of the stuff on my youtube channel I will add more to my blog. I want to thank you all who are a fans of my blog and of my page on facebook “follow The Duchess of Cambridge Style” . So for all of you who are a fan of Kate and the other Royals be sure to check out my youtube page and subscribe! There is more to come on my blog, facebook and youtube!

So here is my facebook page:

My youtube channel:

Now a lot of people may not know how youtube works….

for you to subscribe to my channel, you need to first make an account on youtube ( it is free) you do not need to upload any videos or anything, but for you to subscribe to a person’s channel you must have an account. And when you do subscribe to is free, and you get an update when the person post a new video on your email.

so ladies I am really excited please check it out and let me know what you think

God Bless



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