Copy Kate’s African Cats Premiere Grey Dress for Less

Hi ladies,

The dress that The Duchess worn to the African Cats Premiere was just chic. I really like the light grey of te dress and turquoise details on the neckline and sleeves. The dress look timeless and elegant. she paired the dress with a some dark grey shoes and a dark grey purse and also some very chic earrings.  What is nice about this style is that it is very classy, and you can copy this style. So, do you want to copy this chic look? Then keep on reading

                   Melange Sheath Dress          Treska Turquoise Stone Hoop Earrings

Mixit® Aqua-Colored Bangle

Jacqueline Ferrar® Lara Glitter Pumpshere is a “Kate” inspired dress from forever21. This dress is different from the style of the dress then The Duchcess is wearing , but you can copy Kate’s look with this dress. The Dress is sleeve less but yet chic.  You can pair this cute dress up this some dark grey shoes like Kate did or even this black shoes.  This dress is from Forever21 and the name is Chambray Sheath Dress and it is $22.80. The second dress  is also a different color and style from Kate’s dress and this dress is sleeveless but you can copy Kate’s look.  This dress from Ann Taylor is very chic and it is a darker grey colored dress but you can still copy the look with this chic dress , and  the name os this dress is Melange Sheath Dress     and it is $24.99. You can complete the look with chic necklace from Forever 21 and the name is Vibrant Bead Necklace and it is only $7.80. You can also copy Kate’s look with this cute necklace from Forever21 and the name is Paint Splattered Collar Necklaceand it is only $5.80. These chic earring are from JCPennys and brand is Treska Turquoise Stone Hoop Earrings and it only cost $15.00.  This elegant bracelet from JCPennys can really add a touch of class to the look the brand is Mixit Aqua-Colored Bangle and it is only $10.00. These dark grey shoes from JCPennys are very elegant and you can copy Kate’s look with these shoes and the brand is Jacqueline Ferra Lara Glitter Pumps and they are only $40.00

so ladies as you can see you can copy  this look of The Duchess of Cambridge for less. let me know what you think?

God Bless


(c) from Josephine


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