How To Rock a Peplum Look Like Kate

Hi Ladies,

If you are a fan of the Duchess’ style then you might also be a fan of the Peplum look that she have been spotted wearing. This look is very trendy , and classy and Kate have made it really trendy. And I must add it is very trendy for this spring as well. It add curves and it define your figure and it is very lady like. Here is a picture of Kate wearing her Peplum

How to Wear a Peplum Skirt Like Kate Middleton

And here is how you can get this look for less

MOCHA BLACK POLKA DOTS SWEETHEART MESH LACE NECKLINE PEPLUM DRESS   here is a Peplum look with this cute dress . This cute dress can be paired up with a black shoes and a black purse. You ca get this dress at for only $16.99

Strapless Peplum Dress, Purple Strapless Dress  you can pair this cute Peplum with a black jacket to complete the look you can get this dress at ustrendy for $29.00

Bqueen Peplum Knit Dress Red K064R, Red Formal Dress you can really get Kate’s look with this chic red dress and you can get this dress at ustrendy for $75.00

Drew Peplum Dress, Black this is a chic black Peplum dress you can  get at and you can get it for $65.40

Fashion Victim, Ladies Peplum Power Dress, Pencil Dress in Black, Size 6 This dress is very Kate and you can get this dress at Marketplace for $55.00

So ladies you can rock the peplum just like the Duchess  and look trendy for spring . let me know what you think?

God Bless


(c) from Josephine


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