Kate Inspired Dress Contest

Hi Ladies,

If you are a fan of  Kate’s  style, and you always wanted to copy Kate’s style  then this contest is for you. I am making a fun contest for those of you who have a look that is “Kate Inspired” This is a fun contest and the winner of the contest will be picked, and the pictures will be posted here on my blog, on my facebook page, and also on my youtube channel as well. So if you have your hats, fascinators, and a chic dress , then you can be a part of this contest here are the rules below:

In honor of The Duchess of Cambridge and the other Royal ladies I wanted to do a contest on who can put together a very classy, and chic look for less that is “Kate Inspired”
Here are the rules
1. The look must be “Kate Inspired”
2.No jeans or pants
3. You can wear a blouse and a skirt
4. You can wear a dress but it must be a”Kate Inspired” dress
5.You can choose to wear a hat or a fascinator
6. You can wear heels or flat shoes
7. Can wear a jacket
8.Have fun!
You must submit of picture of yourself ( no professional photos please) and you can submit up to 2 photos by email josephine_pierre@yahoo.com
The winner’s pictures will be featured on my blog and also on my facebook page.
This Contest end June 30, 2012

So ladies I hope you will be a part of the contest.let me know what you think?

God Bless


(c) from josephine

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