Kate’s Dress and Hat for Summer Wedding

Hi Ladies,

Kate is doing it again for us that are fans of The Duchess’ style. The Dress and hat that The Duchess have worn to the wedding is very chic. The brand for the dress that she have worn is Beulah London. The dress is known as the Blossom dress , and it have peach little flower prints all over with a chic long sleeves that puff out towards the end of the sleeves, making the dress look very elegant. Kate have paired the dress with a white color hat, and her nude heels. let us take a look at the dress

Feeling awkward? William and Kate look out from under an umbrella at a wedding attended by no fewer than four of their former partners

William, who looked smart in a morning suit, shielded his wife from the rain with an umbrella

Kate and William arrive at the wedding

The royal couple make their way into the church for the ceremony

Rain fell as the guests headed into the church

As you can see ladies the Duchess look very chic. let me know what you think?

God Bless


(c) from Josephine


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