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Copy The Kate’s Style for Less Fall Edition

Hello Ladies,
I am back and we are going to look at how you can copy the Duchess of Cambridge style for less…and this is the Fall edition . The Duchess of Cambridge style is very classy, and elegant and always classic. I have pull out some different clothing that are very a la Kate, and I will put a little bit of everything so let us take a look
This cute black blazer is from sears. this jacket is really kate’s style, and it just looks very chic and classy. You can pair this up with a plain out T-shirt with come skinny jeans, or you can pair it up with a dress. you can fine it at and it is called Metaphor Women’s Ruched Blazer
and it is $29.99

This top is very chic and very a la kate as well. You can wear this with a black skirt, or black pants and it is very chic.
you can found it at and it is called Kathy Che Women’s Military-Inspired Cadet Blouse and it is $17.99

This is really The Duchess ‘ style and we all know that Kate really like lace. you can pair this with a black skirt, and some black shoes
you can get this at and it is called Cocomo Women’s Lace Top – Sheer Sleeves and it is $18.99

Again here is a chic lace dress that is very chic and you can get this from and it is called AX Paris Women’s Long Sleeve Lace Midi Black Dress and it is $66.00

So ladies, you can dress like The Duchess of Cambridge for less.let me know what you think?
God Bless
Josephine:) (c) from Josephine:)