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The Kate Effect

Alexander McQueenHello Ladies!!!! I am back !!!! and I am updating this blog by sharing with you ladies about the “Kate Effect” The Duchess of Cambridge is a style icon, anything she wear become very stylish…..and I adore  The Duchess Of Cambridge style, it is refined, lady like, modest, but trendy at the same time. and she always looks pulled together…..if you want to copy Kate style for less here are a few stores I would suggest

  1. Dillards- Dillards have lots of classic pieces of clothing and dresses and shoes…..lot of lace dress, lady like style dress a la kate
  2. JC Penny- Yes that’s right ladies JC Penny is another store you can go to if you want to copy kate’s style
  3. Sak  Fifth Ave- Sak Firth Ave very classy and lady like styles with a luxury feel
  4. Macy’s- Macy also have some stylish dresses, shoes that are also a la Kate style

So if you are looking to copy The Duchess of Cambridge Style then check out the stores that are listed

Let me know what you think?

God Bless

Josephine:) (C)