About Me

Hello to All Kate Fans,

My name is Naomi M.S., but I go by the name of Josephine. I am a very big fan of The Duchess of Cambridge style, and fashion picks. I started following   Kate’s style  ever since she got engage to Prince William. All thought there are many blogs out there that are about following Kate and her style, my blog is different because I can show you how you can get her styles for less. In these times, it is great to be on a budget, but that does not mean we can not try to dress like The Duchess herself. Kate’s style is very elegant, classy and timeless, and it  will never go out of style. Any woman of any budget  can copy Kate  but you have to know where to find them, how you can wear them and make them look like “kate’s Style”  and I have right “eye” to spot a Kate inspired dress or shoes  and more. I will give you the tips and tricks on how to dress like Kate for less. Not only I will show you how to get her looks, I will also talk about her Sister Pippa and all of the other young woman who are Royals circle around the world  and how you can get their looks as well. There will be a section called Lady Like Tips, and also many more fun stuff…So I look forward to sharing my tips on how you can dress like The Duchess of Cambridge!

God Bless


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