Duchess Finds Fashion Inspiration From Princess Di

Hello Ladies,

Even though The Duchess never met the late Princess Diana, one thing I can say is that they have the same taste of style, I found find some wonderful picture of the both of them together to compare how the styles are alike.

So Ladies, as you can see The Duchess have found some fashion  inspiration  from the late Princess Diana….Let me know what you ladies think?

God Bless



Copy The Duchess Style For Less

Hello Ladies,

For years on this blog, I always share with you ladies how you can get the Duchess Of Cambridge Styles for less, from her dresses to her hats and more!!!! so today I wanted to share with you a few dresses A La Kate style for those of you who are looking for Kate inspired dresses for less….so let us begin!!!!

Look Number 1

Link To Dress (Affiliated) please copy and paste link to view dress


This dress is very kate and very chic!!!! The Duchess is a big fan of lace and this dress can be paired with a nude high heels, and with a wonderful fasinator to give it that royal touch you can find this dress at Bebe it comes in two colors a light ivory white color and also a light purple color as well


Look Number 2

Link To Dress Here  (Affiliated) please copy and paste link to view dress


This look is very elegant and chic and very a la kate as well….you can pair this look for a black clutch purse, and some black high heel shoes to add an elegant touch

Look Number 3

Link For Dress Here  (Affiliated) please copy and paste link to view dress


This dress is wonderful for those casual days, perfect a a spring or summer outing,or you can dress it up as well with some nude high heels and a nude clutch purse

Look Number 4

Link To Dress Here  (Affiliated) please copy and paste link to view dress


This look is very Kate and you can pair this dress with a black high heel and a wonderful hat or fasinator to get that a la Kate look!!!!

Look Number 5

Link for Dress Here (Affiliated) please copy and paste link to view dress


This wonderful printed dress is perfect for spring and very Kate inspired ….can be paired with black high heels and a black clutch purse


So ladies here are 5 dresses that are Kate inspired , are chic , elegant and very a la Kate ….If you are interested in getting any of the dress please copy and paste links to address space ….Let me know what you think?


all link to dress are Affiliated




How To Copy The Duchess Hat Looks

Hello Ladies,

Today I am going to share with you how you can copy Kate’s Hats and Facinators looks and when and how you can wear them… here in the U.S. we don’t really wear   hats or facinators but there are many places one can wear a hats or a facinators for example

  1. Church
  2. weddings
  3. Big social events
  4. Galas

Here are some hats and fascinators worn by The Duchess


Here are some website you can buy some hats and fascinators

  1. Amazon-
  2. Village Hat Shop For Fascinators-
  3. Village Hat Shop For Hats-
  4. Hats In The Belfry-

So Ladies please check out these website and let me know what you think?

God Bless

Josephine (c)


The Best Of Duchess Of Cambridge 2016

Hello Ladies,


It have been such a long time since I have posted anything on this blog , so I have decided to update this blog with the best of Duchess Of Cambridge outfits for 2016

Here are some pictures below, later during the week I will add an update how you can get the look for less

Here are some pictures below

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God Bless

Josephine (c)