Hello Ladies,

welcome to the Etiquette section of this blog. I created this section because I really feel like in today’s socity the art of Etiquette needs to come back, and I think it is making a come back!

So  in this section I will be sharing tips and tricks on Etiquette.  I hope you ladies enjoy this section!

God Bless


First Lesson

  • How to Set a Formal Table

  1. Use white, damask tablecloth or any other color Table cloth that look classy and that also fit the mood you are going for your Formal dinner.
  2. Choose color theme to go with the special occation
  3. Choose glasses that also go with the theme and choose glasses for five course meal
  4. Space place settings equidistance apart, and make sure their is enough space between the guest.
  5. Fold linen napkins and place in the center of the dinner plates.
  6. Place knives to the right of the plate. Use maximum of three: one for first  course, one for main course and one for a salad course. Blades face the plate,  not outwards.
  7. Place forks to the left. Use no  more than three: one for first course, one for main course and one for a salad  course.
  8. Place soup or melon spoons to the right of the knives. The dessert spoon lies at  the head of the plate.
  9. If you like, an old-fashioned finger bowl might be presented on the dessert  plates after the meal.
  10. Set out glasses in order of use above the knives. Usually that means setting  water glass to the left, then to its right are the red wine white wine, sherry and  then champagne glasses.
  11. The silverware at a formal dinner is generally silver or silverplate.
  12. Butter dishes are not traditionally included in a formal table setting.
  13. Rolls are placed directly on the tablecloth.
  14. Dessert forks come with the course.

Okay ladies here is the first part of this section ….I hope you enjoyed this blog please check out more…

God Bless



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