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The Royal Wedding- Copy Kate Middleton Wedding Gown for Less

Hi Ladies,

since William and Kate’s wedding anniversary is coming up in a few days I have decided to do a review on the wedding and also on Kate’s wedding gown. Now if you are a bride and you are a big fan of Kate’s style and Kate’s  wedding gown designed by Sarah Burton, then you should read this blog. The gown is very simple, but modern in style, and it had the classic look, and it echo the style of Grace Kelly’s bridal gown as you can see in these pictures below:

as you can see the designs on both wedding dresses is close in design. Kate’s wedding gown is more modern of course but it is very elegant. The Royal wedding was wonderful and it brought some excitement and also we were all wondering who would design Kate Middleton( now Duchess of Cambridge) wedding gown, then we found out it was Sarah Burton. As soon as Kate started walking down the aisle designers every where started to copy Kate’s wedding gown.  Here are some pictures that were taken during the Royal wedding:


Here are some pictures of some details of the dress

And ladies if you are a bride and you want to copy this look check out this good copy of Kate’s wedding gown from David’s bridal , I am not sure if they will ship out side of the U.S. but I will do the research when I do another blog on Pippa’s dress.  Here is the copy of Kate’s wedding gown

      for more details on how you can get this gown and more details on her earring and everything else  please watch my video( it is a 2 part video)  from youtube and for more style tips about Kate and how you can copy the Duchess of Cambridge Style please subscribe to my youtube channel or you can click follow on my blog’s home page or you can follow me on my facebook page

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