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My Lady Like Styles

Hi Ladies,

I wanted to post a few of my styles that are inspired by Kate Middleton ( now The Duchess of Cambridge) and I wear these styles when I go to church or an event. A lot of young woman and older woman alike are influenced by Kate’s style, but I have always dress like a lady for a long time but  I myself , am really happy that Kate  is bring an awareness to “dressing like a lady” and I can see it is setting a trend all over the world. So I have decided to add some pictures of my style, and let me know what you think?

My brown dress( 2008) this was way before the whole ” follow Kate style”  started ( although I am happy it is started) lol let me know what you think? This brown dress is very chic and I really like the bead details and if you notice my shoes also are brown and have some beaded detail as well. I have worn this with some pearl earring and a pearl necklace.


My red suit: this is a two piece  skirt suit that I had for many years and it is still  look chic. I had worn this dress with some black shoes.

My navy dress with my black fascinator: this dress is really chic , it have the ruffle details on the side, I had to wear this chic fascinator to add a touch of elegance, with some chic black shoes. I also worn some pearl earrings and a pearl necklace to match.


My pink lace top and skirt: this elegant lace top is chic and it is all pink lace. the top have a cute satin pink ribbon that one can tie into a bow on the side. I have paired the pink lace top with a chic lace skirt that have a pink ruffle detail on the hem of the skirt, and also the classy  pink pillbox hat. I have paired it with a cute clutch purse that have some flower details, with matching sandels.The necklace that I am wearing also have some pink details , I also have worn some pearl earrings with this look.


My flower 2 pieces set with my flower hat: this dress is made for spring time including the hat. I really like this hat a lot with this set. I have worn a hot pink shoes with a hot pink clutch purse. I also paired this look with some pearl earrings with a pearl necklace


My Easter look : I had paired this ivory cream color suit with a hat that is also the same color that is made out of lace, and tulle.  There is a flower detail on the side of the hat this look is very lady like… as you can see I am wearing a pearl necklace with som pearl earrings.


My purple dress  look: this dress is very chic, I paired it with some black shoes and a pearl necklace with pearl earring which made this look very chic and classy.


So ladies as you  I have posted a few of my looks together that are very classy and chic and also elegant . all of these looks I think are very lady like. If you have any lady like looks please let me know. let me know what you think?

God Bless


(c) from Josphine