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I am back I have to say I am sorry for not posting anything in this blog for a very long time , but I am back and I will be updating this blog soon which post on how you can copy a royal look for less, and more and also tips on looking your best please keep on checking back for more updates

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The Duchess Of Sussex Fashion Choices

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I am here again to share my thoughts of The Duchess Of Sussex fashion choices…..and I wanted to see what you ladies think about The Duchess Of Sussex fashion since she is a royal now. I will share some pictures and  I will share my thoughts. I think with her fashion choices some are good and some are not so good, she is new to the royal family and I also think she is new to royal fashion. Royals have a certain way of dressing, they have a dress code. I really do think that she is trying to do her best to look the part , but I think she still might need some help….The Duchess Of Cambridge with every outfit always looks very chic and well put together. One thing we have to keep in mind The Duchess Of Cambridge, is British, and The Duchess Of Sussex is an American, both with different fashion sense. I believe it will take a while for The Duchess Of Sussex to get adjusted to royal fashion ….Here are some pictures below

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Meghan Duchess Of Sussex First Outfit As Duchess

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As many of you know The Duchess Of Sussex  had her first outing , and her outfit was very chic . When I saw Meghan’s outfit, the first word that came to my mind is elegance!!!! I think this is a very chic outfit and it is really fit for the occasion .  Here are some details on her dress ( Source People Magazine)

On Tuesday, Meghan and Prince Harry and made their married couple debut to celebrate Prince Charles’ 70th birthday at a garden party hosted in his honor at Buckingham Palace.

And for her part, Meghan looked every bit the duchess — down to her sheer stockings! — turning to a London-based womenswear label Goat Fashion for the event. She selected the elegant “rose-pink” “Flavia” pencil dress featuring a tailored bodice, pencil skirt and a silk-chiffon yoke and sleeves. The sleek silhouette hit below the knee.

Her dress is currently on sale for $450, while sizes last. (We all know, everything Meghan touches turns to sold!)

But her accessorizing was even more on point. Meghan added a custom Philip Treacy hat (similar to this style) to complement her look, matching blush “Siren” pumps by Tamara Mellon, a coordinating Wilbur & Gussie clutch and Vanessa Tugendhaft diamond rose “Idylle” earrings.

She also wore sheer nude stockings, following in her sister-in-law Kate Middleton’s footsteps, and proving she takes her role as a new royal very seriously.

As for her hair, Meghan went for a more structured and sleek style than she sported at her wedding, pulling it back into a tight side chignon.

Here are some pictures of her look below:



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The Duchess Of Sussex Fashion

Hello Ladies,

I know it have been a while since I have posted some content on my blog, but I am back….and I am excited to share with you ladies that I am going to continue to add content here once a week, sharing with you styling tips, on how to dress like a Royal, how to dress classy and elegant, on a budget.

Well, as you all know we had another Royal wedding !!!! and now we have a new Duchess…..Duchess of Sussex.  I am very excited to share with you some style tips of Meghan , and also how you can copy her looks for less. I will continue on The Duchess Of Cambridge style, but I will also add The Duchess Of Sussex style as well.

For the first post here for The Duchess Of Sussex, I will be sharing details of her wedding dress, which I think looks timeless, and elegant. I will insert some pictures below

Here are some details about the wedding dress ( source is US Magazine)

How They Met: It was the former actress’ friend and style advisor Jessica Mulroney who first introduced Meghan and Clare in December 2017. The ladies quietly met for about 30 minutes in a Kensington Place reception room right around Christmas. Armed with sketches and mood boards, the designer said she thinks the then-bride-to-be was aware of her previous work. “I think she had seen my work and knew what I did,” Keller explained. “I think she loved the fact that I was a British designer and working in a house such as Givenchy, which has its roots in a classical, beautiful style from the time of Hubert [de Givenchy] himself.”

When It Happened: On January 11, Clare received the news that she had been selected for one of the most highly coveted jobs in the world, but she would have to keep the life-changing news a secret until the big day. The designer told no one — not even her own husband (who learned of his wife’s involvement when he saw her on TV tending to Meg’s dress outside St. George’s Chapel) — about the honor.

Choosing the Fabric: With just five months to go until the big day, the Givenchy team immediately got to work. Clare scoured the fabric mills of Europe for just the right material to construct the exquisite six-seam gown. She ultimately selected an exclusive double bonded silk cady with a soft matte luster. At Meghan’s request, the dress was “pure white.”

How Often They Met: Waight Keller explained that she and Meghan had an instant rapport, and she quickly came to understand the understated and timeless silhouette the Duchess wished to achieve. Even so, the two met seven or eight times in the lead up to the wedding for fittings and to ensure not a single detail was overlooked.

The Story Behind That Veil: Perhaps one of the most breathtaking elements of the day was the 16-foot veil Meghan paired with her Queen Mary bandeau tiara. Made of a delicate silk tulle with a trim of hand-embroidered flowers in silk threads and organza representing the 53 countries of the Commonwealth, the dramatic piece took some 500 hours to make. Workers, including a former Royal School of Needlework student, were forced to wash their hands every 30 minutes in order to keep the tulle and threads clean.

The Secret Personal Touch: In addition to the 53 flora and fauna representing the Commonwealth, Markle also asked that two very personal touches be added to the headpiece. Waight Keller and her team included a Wintersweet, which grows on the grounds of Kensington Palace in front of Nottingham Cottage where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex reside, and a California Poppy, the official flower of Meg’s home state, on the veil as a nod to the bride’s heritage.

Where the Final Fitting Took Place: With one workshop devoted to crafting the veil and another to making the dress, the near-complete ensemble was finally brought together in London in early April. Meg had three fittings in the city to finalize the look before it was transported to Windsor and safely tucked away. One last try-on session occurred in Windsor before the wedding, and Meghan also gave Queen Elizabeth II a private showing just as her sister-in-law Kate Middleton had done before her April 2011 ceremony.

With months of work and preparation officially behind her, Waight Keller recalled feeling a tremendous sense of calm on the big day and said Meghan made the most beautiful bride. “She was just glowing,” Waight Keller said of the moment Markle saw herself in her completed gown. “There’s so much emotion on a day like that, but I think particularly when it all comes together, it’s tremendous. She was absolutely radiant.”

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Duchess Finds Fashion Inspiration From Princess Di

Hello Ladies,

Even though The Duchess never met the late Princess Diana, one thing I can say is that they have the same taste of style, I found find some wonderful picture of the both of them together to compare how the styles are alike.

So Ladies, as you can see The Duchess have found some fashion  inspiration  from the late Princess Diana….Let me know what you ladies think?

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Copy The Duchess Style For Less

Hello Ladies,

For years on this blog, I always share with you ladies how you can get the Duchess Of Cambridge Styles for less, from her dresses to her hats and more!!!! so today I wanted to share with you a few dresses A La Kate style for those of you who are looking for Kate inspired dresses for less….so let us begin!!!!

Look Number 1

Link To Dress http://bit.ly/2lfRMU3 (Affiliated) please copy and paste link to view dress


This dress is very kate and very chic!!!! The Duchess is a big fan of lace and this dress can be paired with a nude high heels, and with a wonderful fasinator to give it that royal touch you can find this dress at Bebe it comes in two colors a light ivory white color and also a light purple color as well


Look Number 2

Link To Dress Here http://bit.ly/2lfrBgg  (Affiliated) please copy and paste link to view dress


This look is very elegant and chic and very a la kate as well….you can pair this look for a black clutch purse, and some black high heel shoes to add an elegant touch

Look Number 3

Link For Dress Here http://bit.ly/2lxTGSg  (Affiliated) please copy and paste link to view dress


This dress is wonderful for those casual days, perfect a a spring or summer outing,or you can dress it up as well with some nude high heels and a nude clutch purse

Look Number 4

Link To Dress Here http://bit.ly/2lfWqkH  (Affiliated) please copy and paste link to view dress


This look is very Kate and you can pair this dress with a black high heel and a wonderful hat or fasinator to get that a la Kate look!!!!

Look Number 5

Link for Dress Here http://bit.ly/2lfMGH6 (Affiliated) please copy and paste link to view dress


This wonderful printed dress is perfect for spring and very Kate inspired ….can be paired with black high heels and a black clutch purse


So ladies here are 5 dresses that are Kate inspired , are chic , elegant and very a la Kate ….If you are interested in getting any of the dress please copy and paste links to address space ….Let me know what you think?


all link to dress are Affiliated




How To Copy The Duchess Hat Looks

Hello Ladies,

Today I am going to share with you how you can copy Kate’s Hats and Facinators looks and when and how you can wear them…..now here in the U.S. we don’t really wear   hats or facinators but there are many places one can wear a hats or a facinators for example

  1. Church
  2. weddings
  3. Big social events
  4. Galas

Here are some hats and fascinators worn by The Duchess


Here are some website you can buy some hats and fascinators

  1. Amazon- https://www.amazon.com/Womens-Fascinators/b?ie=UTF8&node=7072323011
  2. Village Hat Shop For Fascinators- http://www.villagehatshop.com/category/135/1/fascinators-headbands.html
  3. Village Hat Shop For Hats-http://www.villagehatshop.com/category/132/1/dress-hats.html
  4. Hats In The Belfry-https://www.hatsinthebelfry.com/category/fascinator-hats.html

So Ladies please check out these website and let me know what you think?

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The Best Of Duchess Of Cambridge 2016

Hello Ladies,


It have been such a long time since I have posted anything on this blog , so I have decided to update this blog with the best of Duchess Of Cambridge outfits for 2016

Here are some pictures below, later during the week I will add an update how you can get the look for less

Here are some pictures below

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The Duchess Style Her Indian Tour Wardrobe

Hello Ladies,

I am  back with a new blog and I  must say I am very excited about the Duchess Of Cambridge wardrobe for her Indian tour only one word sum up her outfits….. Chic!!!! very chic indeed I am going to share with you ladies the details of each outfit  and next time I will share with you how you can copy her style for less but for now I will share some of the outfit details…..let’s get started shall we?

outfit 1

duchess-main-5-large This outfit you see here is very delicate , I adore the simple yet elegant way the outfit is designed with lace details….The Duchess is known for adoring lace and if you want to copy her style anything lace will do

Outfit 2

95467268_cambridge_1-xlargeThis outfit really fit into the Indian Tour theme, very colorful with bright orange and warm tones

Outfit 3

duchess_pa_topshop_2-xlargeVery Chic this outfit have different pattern going on with soft colors and black

Outfit 4


Black and white simple yet classic ……

Ladies here is a few example of The Duchess of Cambridge outfits to India please let me know what you think?

God Bless

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The Kate Effect

Alexander McQueenHello Ladies!!!! I am back !!!! and I am updating this blog by sharing with you ladies about the “Kate Effect” The Duchess of Cambridge is a style icon, anything she wear become very stylish…..and I adore  The Duchess Of Cambridge style, it is refined, lady like, modest, but trendy at the same time. and she always looks pulled together…..if you want to copy Kate style for less here are a few stores I would suggest

  1. Dillards- Dillards have lots of classic pieces of clothing and dresses and shoes…..lot of lace dress, lady like style dress a la kate
  2. JC Penny- Yes that’s right ladies JC Penny is another store you can go to if you want to copy kate’s style
  3. Sak  Fifth Ave- Sak Firth Ave very classy and lady like styles with a luxury feel
  4. Macy’s- Macy also have some stylish dresses, shoes that are also a la Kate style

So if you are looking to copy The Duchess of Cambridge Style then check out the stores that are listed

Let me know what you think?

God Bless

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