The Duchess Of Sussex Fashion Choices

Hello Ladies,

I am here again to share my thoughts of The Duchess Of Sussex fashion choices…..and I wanted to see what you ladies think about The Duchess Of Sussex fashion since she is a royal now. I will share some pictures and  I will share my thoughts. I think with her fashion choices some are good and some are not so good, she is new to the royal family and I also think she is new to royal fashion. Royals have a certain way of dressing, they have a dress code. I really do think that she is trying to do her best to look the part , but I think she still might need some help….The Duchess Of Cambridge with every outfit always looks very chic and well put together. One thing we have to keep in mind The Duchess Of Cambridge, is British, and The Duchess Of Sussex is an American, both with different fashion sense. I believe it will take a while for The Duchess Of Sussex to get adjusted to royal fashion ….Here are some pictures below

God Bless






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